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Nachhaltiger Black Friday

Sustainable Black Friday

We are donating 30% to Heathy Seas on Black Friday weekend from November 24th to 26th, 2023! Consume consciously We say no to excessive consumption and waste of resources. What...
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self-employment and motherhood MAIN Design

Independence and motherhood

We still remember exactly how we spontaneously founded a GmbH online on a park bench in a playground in Zurich. A step that we have not even regretted to this day.

The Salty Collection - MAIN Design surf and swim

The Salty Collection - What awaits you

Our new collection is inspired by our unconditional love for water and travel.
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Blog The Sunday Line Collection

New Collection - The Sunday Line

THE SUNDAY LINE Designed with comfort and style in mind – easy to wear, easy to love Our new collection is all about that relaxed Sunday morning feeling. Comfort and...
MAIN Design surf and swim

Donate to Green November

Protect what you love! As moms and surfers, it's natural for us to want to protect what's important to us. All of our swimwear is made from recycled and sustainable...
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Christmas gift guide

Gift Guide for Christmas

Still looking for gift ideas? We got you covered! Holiday season is already around the corner. Did you already find time to think about presents? If not, no problem, maybe...
Blue November - 30% off or donation

Blue November - donation and sale

JOIN US AND HELP PROTECT OUR OCEANS Being as sustainable as possible has been our main goal. All our surf and swimwear pieces are made out of recycled fabrics, such...

Surfing in Switzerland? - No problem!

WAKESURF, RIVER SURF, INDOOR SURF, WAVE POOL, CITY WAVE - WE HAVE IT ALL! Yes we all know, Switzerland is landlocked. But we found many other ways to ride waves...
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Healthy Seas Logo

Collaboration with Healthy Seas

EVERY POSITIVE IMPACT COUNTS As a swimwear company, specialized in surf wear, it makes sense that we want to keep the oceans healthy. It is important to us to protect...
clean oceans

Our journey to sustainable surf and swimwear

OUR MISSION In this day and age, nothing matters more than caring for our planet and those living on it. Our mission is to be as sustainable as possible, always...
1600 meals for Corona victims

1600 meals for Corona victims

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT As you might have heard, we donated 30% of all November sales to SOS Indonesia to help Bali's people in need. Thanks to your orders...
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