Our sustainable swimwear

We see style and sustainability as one. When wearing our surf bikinis and swimwear, we want you to feel comfortable in your skin. At the same time, you can do something good for the environment when you buy. Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible, from design to production, distribution and collaboration with non-profit associations.

MAIN Design is a small independent company founded and run by two women with big dreams. As I'm sure you do, our environment is incredibly important to us. All materials used are selected carefully and with the greatest care. Production only takes place under fair working conditions. Our promise to you: Sustainable swimwear of the highest quality, handmade with love and the greatest care in Bali.

Recycle and renew

It all starts with used goods that are no longer used. In wealthy countries, this hopefully ends up directly in recycling; in other countries, unfortunately, it usually ends up in landfills, landfills or the ocean. Fortunately, the number of people who are committed to a cleaner world is also increasing and so more and more waste can be recovered through projects. This means that plastic and nylon waste that pollutes the environment and is life-threatening for animals ends up back in the industry. Fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpets and industrial plastics are regenerated by Aquafil and processed into high-quality ECONYL® nylon yarn. Recycled waste such as packaging waste and plastic bottles is used to produce Repreve® polyester yarn.


It is very important to us that everyone involved in the production process has fair working conditions. Fair wages, safety and a pleasant working atmosphere are very important to us. We visit our production facilities regularly. All products are handmade with love and the greatest care in Bali.


We also try to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible when shipping.

Envelopes: We ship our products in recycled cardboard boxes or recycled paper envelopes.

Bags: We do not use plastic bags. Our bikinis are packed in OEKO-TEX® certified cotton bags.

For a sustainable future

We believe that every decision we make has an impact, and every impact, big or small, makes waves. We have teamed up with Healthy Seas. . This environmental organization and the amazing people behind it are working hard to protect our oceans. As a swimwear company, it's only logical that we want to support the health of the oceans. We are pleased to donate 1% of our online sales to Healthy Seas. .

Wear your MAIN bikini with pride - you're doing something good for the environment.

Materials used

All of our bikinis, surf and swimwear is made from sustainable fabrics made from recycled materials.

We also try to keep the work processes as sustainable as possible. That's why we only make a limited amount of our pieces at a time to reduce surpluses. To avoid as much waste as possible, we produce all of our hair ties, children's hats and bikini patterns with leftover fabric. We try to process surplus materials as completely as possible.

Materials used

For many years we have been working with leading companies in this industry such as Aquafil and Unifi . The yarn and textiles we use are of the highest quality, buttery soft, strong, durable and - most importantly - sustainable.

ECONYL® yarn is a 100% recycled nylon fiber made from waste such as fishing nets and other plastic waste.

Repreve® fabrics are one of the most certified, environmentally friendly textile fibers in the world. These high-quality polyester threads are made from 100% recycled materials, such as plastic bottles and other plastic waste.

Plain fabrics

Our plain-colored fabrics are made from either ECONYL® or Repreve®.

Patterned fabrics

The patterned fabrics are made from Repreve®.

Interior fabrics

The inner fabric of the bikinis accounts for 50% of the fabric purchase for our products. This is often overlooked. Our interior fabrics are also made from sustainable materials.

A step towards sustainability

We can't all change the world. But with a few simple habits you can take a step towards sustainability. Here are a few examples:

Plastic and disposable items

  • try to avoid plastic or other single-use items whenever possible
  • always bring your own thermos
  • do not use disposable tableware
  • take your own cloth bag with you when shopping


  • wear your clothes several times
  • never wash hotter than 40 degrees Celsius, this is enough to remove dirt and bacteria from clothes and thus save energy
  • avoid using the dryer whenever possible
  • do not use fabric softener

Dealing with water and heating

  • shower shorter
  • turn off the lights and heat when not needed

Product choice and recycling

  • buy products made from sustainable materials and recyclable packaging
  • choose durable, high-quality products to reduce waste
  • reduce consumption of unnecessary things and focus on what you really need
  • pass on things you no longer need or donate them to charities
  • buy local and regional
  • pay attention to proper waste separation and recycle as much as possible

These are just a few examples of how we can protect our environment and its resources. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for helping too!