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Laila Girls Swimsuit
CHF 49.90
black/sailor blue stormy tie dye black/dark coral black sand/seabreeze mint

1 review
Lena Girls Swimsuit
CHF 44.90
ocean/stormy tie dye black black/sailor blue seabreeze mint/black sand elderberry/rhubarb pie + 1 more

1 review
Mia Girls Bikini
From CHF 24.90 CHF 44.90
black sand deep sea rhubarb pie

3 reviews
Malia Baby Swimsuit
CHF 49.90
seabreeze mint/stormy tie dye black elderberry/salty leo black/salty leo mocha/flowers + 1 more
Lean Board Shorts For Boys
CHF 44.90
stormy tie dye black black black/flowers
Aina children's UV shirt
From CHF 24.90 CHF 44.90
stormy tie dye purple stormy tie dye black white with artwork

1 review
Children's Sun Hat
CHF 19.90
seabreeze mint dark coral ocean stormy tie dye black stormy tie dye purple black salty leo caramel deep sea flowers elderberry black sand + 9 more
Scrunchie mini
CHF 3.50
black stormy tie dye purple stormy tie dye black seabreeze mint ocean dark coral black sand flowers mocha + 6 more
Gemstone Bracelet For Children
From CHF 19.90
amethyst citrine crystal quartz lava stone/smokey quartz lapis lazuli black tourmaline black tourmaline/natural quartz rose quartz/natural quartz rose quartz/crystal quartz strawberry quartz/natural quartz + 7 more
Kids crown by Several Needs
CHF 19.90
flowers pastel pink sun pattern pink
Playmat boat
CHF 59.90
blue pink brown pink green

Swimwear for Girls and Boys

Our entire children's swimwear collection is made from sustainable, soft, and durable fabrics. We have avoided seams whenever possible to prevent uncomfortable friction on the skin. The fabrics are made from recycled materials. All products come with a sun protection factor of 50+, which is the highest possible protection for clothing.

Our range includes swimsuits and bikinis for girls, sun protection rash guards, board shorts for boys, and matching sun hats. The entire children's collection matches with the adult collection.

Sustainable Children's Swimwear

We use only extra-soft and environmentally friendly materials with sun protection UPF 50+. The fabrics are comfortable, stretchy, and quick-drying. Good care and the high quality of the products guarantee you a durable item.

How do I find the right size?

Our children's sizes are indicated in years. Since each child has different proportions and grows at different rates, we do not provide a size chart for babies and toddlers. However, we have a Fit Guide that shows the different cuts. If you need help finding the right size, we are happy to assist you.

Care Instructions

Sun, sand, salt, sunscreen, and chlorine can strain swimsuits and UV shirts. Therefore, make sure they receive proper care. Rinse with water after use. Dry in airy shade. Wash lovingly by hand. Handle with care. The UPF50+ protection cannot be washed out, but over time, the fabric fibers may fray, making the UV shielding less effective. Therefore, periodically check the swimsuits for damage.

What does UPF 50+ mean? Do I still need to apply sunscreen?

UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) is a numerical rating for clothing that indicates how effectively the fabric shields against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The highest UPF rating that can be assigned to a garment is 50+. This provides excellent sun protection, as only 2 percent of UV radiation can penetrate the fabric. This type of protection cannot be washed out, but like all fabrics, the fibers may become distorted over time, ultimately reducing UV shielding. It is not necessary to apply sunscreen under a perfectly intact garment with UPF 50+. Just ensure that all body parts exposed to the sun are covered with a high-factor sunscreen (minimum 50+). Reapply if necessary. It is also strongly recommended to put a hat on your baby/toddler. We have sun hats in matching colors to the swimwear in our range. Also, encourage your children to drink enough water to prevent dehydration.

At the beach, pool, or by the lake

Your children's skin is very sensitive to the sun. All our pieces have UPF 50+ protection. Make sure to apply high-factor sunscreen to all other body parts exposed to the sun. A sun hat also prevents your child from getting sunburn or headaches, or possibly dehydrated. Try to avoid strong sun exposure during the midday hours and increase fluid intake. Whether building sandcastles or playing in the sea, wearing our swimwear protects your child's skin from harmful UV rays. Ensure that you rinse the saltwater or chlorine by hand after each use of the swimsuits. This way, the swimsuits will last longer and bring you joy for many years.