It is a huge pleasure for us and we are endlessly grateful to have such great women on the team. These artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers, surfers, snowboarders and moms from around the world inspire us every day.

Vanja Pakaski


Born and raised in Switzerland, I started surfing on a river when I was 16. After many trips I started…

Rachel Bonhote Mead


SwissAussie / Lennox Head / Verbier / Swiss Surf Champion 2022, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2013, 2012…

Nicki Antognini


The wine and cheese lover from Ticino. She grew up in…

Laura Feller


In 2016 I studied architecture in Bali for a semester. That's when I discovered my passion for surfing...

Sabrina Schmid


I grew up in Switzerland and have always appreciated Switzerland's natural beauty. And yet - I wasn't...

Anja Imboden


I come from Switzerland. At some point I realized that I wanted to have my own work-life balance. For 6 years I have been...

Maria Kuzma


I'm Maria Kuzma and I'm a professional snowboarder, architecture lover and avid surfer!...

Joan Bergmans


Riding a gentle wave, connecting with nature and floating around in tropical water still makes me happier than anything..

Livia Fürst


I'm Livia, I grew up in Switzerland and am a passionate surfer...

Anna Unternährer


Anna comes from Switzerland and has been chasing waves around the world since 2011...

Silvia San Laureano


This is Silvia, she comes from Spain, but is often on surf trips all over the world...

Nienke van de Griend


Info to follow...

Fabiana Klein


Swiss champion Junior Girls division 2022 and 2023, winner of the Edelweiss Surf Tour 2022 in the Juniors and Women categories and 2023 in the Swiss Wavepool Juniors category...