About MAIN

MAIN Design is a small Swiss fashion company, run by us, Tiina and Yvi. We specialize in sustainable surf and swimwear for the environmentally conscious surfer and mother. All products are sustainable and made from recycled materials. From the idea to the finished product, we lovingly design feel-good swimwear and accessories for women and children. With every online sale we donate 1% to Healthy Seas to protect our oceans.

How it all began

MAIN Design has been around since 2014, and since we both love the sea and surfing, we finally wanted surf bikinis that lasted. So we quickly decided to design our own surf bikinis. This is how our story began. Over the years, a small hobby developed into a passion. In 2020 we founded a GmbH on a park bench in a playground in Zurich. That was a big but wonderful step for us that we have not regretted to this day. Find out more about our journey to self-employment in our blog post.


In 2018 we both became moms. Since our girls love the beach and the sea as much as we do, we started designing sustainable and functional swimwear for children. This is how our next project was born, MAIN Mini. Because what is more important than the protection and health of your own child. All of our children's swimwear and rashguards are handmade under fair conditions in Bali and made from sustainable fabrics made from recycled materials. The fabrics all have UPF50+ sun protection factor. Playing in the sun has never been so worry-free! By the way, the color of the children's collection matches the women's collection.

Our core values


Nature means life

We are natural people through and through and are outside whenever possible. The well-being of nature is incredibly important to us. It is therefore very important to us to produce sustainable and responsible products. We select every material used with the greatest care.

Surf bikinis and swimwear made from recycled materials

All of our surf bikinis and swimwear are made from sustainable fabrics. All fabrics are made from recycled materials. These have a lower environmental impact. Recycled materials require less energy and water to produce, produce fewer carbon emissions and reduce waste.

Sustainable work processes

We also try to keep the work processes as sustainable as possible. That's why we only make a limited amount of our pieces at a time to reduce surpluses. To avoid as much waste as possible, we produce all of our hair ties, children's hats and bikini patterns with leftover fabric. We try to process surplus materials as completely as possible.

Swimwear for every body type

We celebrate women of all body shapes. We believe in beauty in diversity and offer swimwear in a wide range of sizes. With us you can put together your perfect bikini thanks to the possibility to Mix & Match. Find the perfect style that not only suits your figure but also makes you feel confident and beautiful. Experience swimwear that does justice to your uniqueness.

By women for women

We create a warm environment in which you feel comfortable in your own body - regardless of age, size or shape. You wear swimwear that not only fits perfectly and feels good, but also encourages you to be exactly the woman you want to be. Because you are uniquely wonderful!

A big thank you

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support over the last few years. Your kind words motivate us more than you can imagine. Thank you for allowing us to be here for so long and to design swimwear and accessories for you.

We would be very happy if you follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, tell your friends about us or contact us by email.

Since your satisfaction is most important to us, we look forward to any feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you! ♥

All love,
Tiina and Yvi

Tiina Kosonen

Founder / Designer

Bachelor's degree in visual communication from ZhdK. Works as a freelance graphic designer. Mummy.

Yvi Böni

Co-owner / Sales Rep

University degree in economics and administration, specialist certificate from the Tourism University. Yoga diploma. Mummy.