Sabrina Schmid

I grew up in Switzerland and have always appreciated its natural beauty. And yet nothing satisfies me more than the big blue. For over 10 years I have been traveling back and forth from Indonesia to enjoy the sun, the beach and especially the sea. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many creative people in all areas of my life.

My vision for the future is to be able to tell timeless stories visually through my photography. Stories that evoke emotions and reactions and hopefully serve as inspiration for others! Settling down sounds wonderful too - but it's not quite within reach yet.

Sabrina was one of the co-founders of MAIN and contributed to building this brand from the beginning. In 2018 she decided to focus on her rad projects, which we completely understand, but she will always be there for us. We are so blessed to have you on our crew!

Livia Fürst

I'm Livia, I grew up in Switzerland and am a passionate surfer. I rode my first wave in Hawaii. I knew straight away that this sport wasn't going to be short-term. Vitamin D, sand, beach and surrounded by water, what could be better! Since then, all of my holidays have been surfing trips. With the opening of Oana in Lucerne, my landlocked surfing career began. After every session I feel happy and fulfilled. In 2020 I started taking part in the Swiss Pool Surfing Championships. I even made it onto the podium. In 2021 I won. As a proud mom, surfing is the perfect balance to my everyday life. The fact that I can share these moments with my daughter makes me overjoyed.

Vanja Pakaski

Born and raised in Switzerland, I started surfing on a river when I was 16. After traveling a lot, I took part in surfing events and later competed in national and international competitions with the support of a global surfing brand. I am still deeply grateful to have been given this opportunity.

But during those years I struggled to fit into the competitive surfing scene. I turned down contractual offers and went back to my love of surfing.

Despite all odds, I started my own business a few years ago and am now living the digital nomad life. Decisions made with the heart last longer. Just like the friends I've made through countless adventures. And my deep love for Big Blue.

Here I am now. Happy to be part of a creative, inspiring community. <3

Anna Unternährer

Anna is originally from Switzerland and has been chasing waves all over the world since 2011. An early riser, she loves getting up before sunrise, meditating, drinking black coffee and reading in peace before heading out to surf. When she's not in the water, she works on creative projects, with writing and conceptualizing being two of her other passions.

Rachel Bonhote Mead

SwissAussie / Lennox Head / Verbier / Swiss surfing champion 2022, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2013, 2012

I grew up on a large farm in NSW Australia, 30km from the sea! I started surfing on a bodyboard at the age of 7 and eventually moved up to a surfboard! It wasn't until I moved from home to the sea that I started surfing regularly. This is where my love and obsession for the sea and waves began.
From 00 to 06 I took over as Competition Director at the Surfriding Club in Lennox Head and became President in 2007.
In 2008 I moved to Switzerland! Since then I have been passionate about skiing, wake surfing and cycling. I live in Verbier where I train and prepare for the next surf trip

Silvia San Laureano

This is Silvia, originally from the Mediterranean coast of Spain and currently a nomad around the world. I studied industrial design but was soon able to combine my passion with my career focused on coastal management and research, creating environmental and social awareness and contributing to a healthier symbiosis between our planet and us. I've been surfing for over ten years, it used to be a love-hate relationship, now it's just love and fun, no expectations. Now I'm also into the adventure of entrepreneurship, with the launch of a surf travel agency, The Ocean Spell, which specializes in epic surf coaching and yoga trips around the world and also offers women-only trips and family-friendly trips.

It's an honor to be part of the MAIN Crew and spread love, fun and awareness!

Nicki Antognini

The wine and cheese lover grew up in Ticino. She grew up in the digital world of media design until she realized that sunshine and vitamin D were a healthy addition to her lifestyle.

After completing her Masters in Digital Media Management in cold and rainy weather in Manchester, she took a camera and accompanied her friend Sina Candrian up the mountains. At this time, Reverse was created, which became her portfolio collecting experiences, stories and images.

During one of their exotic adventures, Nicki and the MAIN team met and the love story began: bikinis, photography, surfing, espresso martinis...

Since this day, we will always be able to count on their support.

Laura Feller

I discovered my passion for surfing in Bali in 2016 when I studied architecture there for a semester. Since then I have traveled back many times and the waves have followed me everywhere ever since.

I am an artist. My work is primarily watercolor paintings, illustrations and graphic design. I am passionate about sustainable architecture, a topic on which I recently completed my master's thesis. The feeling of freedom when surfing inspires me in my work and I hope to eventually be able to just paint for a living.

I grew up in Austria and now live between Austria and New Zealand's Surf Highway 45 - surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding whenever I have time. I love spreading good vibes and most of the time my days are far too short to do everything I love.

Joan Bergmans

Riding a gentle wave, connecting with nature and floating around in tropical water still makes me happier than anything else. Encounters in the water became lifelong friendships, faraway places became a second home, and that annoying longboarder in the lineup became my life partner. The ocean taught me, it shaped me into who I am today. Surfing is a physical, mental and spiritual challenge. As an artist, mother and surfer, I hope to inspire people to enjoy and care for our playground.

Maria Kuzma

I'm Maria Kuzma and I'm a professional snowboarder, architectural activist and avid surfer! I spend my northern hemisphere winters chasing snowstorms, and the rest of the year I surf and work from Bali on my sustainable architecture projects currently underway in Brazil and New York. I live a plant-based life and make sure to surround myself with smart, strong women who push me and push me to my limits in terms of my sport, my thinking and my actions

Anja Imboden

I come from Switzerland. At some point I realized that I wanted to have my own work-life balance. For the past 6 years I have been working on a project basis so that I can spend a few months on the island every year to pursue my greatest addiction. I just try to be in the water as much as possible without any expectations. Enjoy life as much as I can and be grateful for what I have.

Fabiana Klein

The first time I stood on a wave was when I was 6 years old in Puerto Rico. That was the beginning of my passion. Since then, I've been surfing as often as possible: be it on rivers, artificial waves or, of course, preferably in the sea.
I love gliding through the waves on my surfboard, I love the water whether sweet or salty, I love traveling to other countries and other cultures and meeting the surfers from there. I love freesurfing, but also surfing with others in contests.
I became Swiss junior girls surfing champion, I also won the Edelweiss Surf Tour among juniors and women and I was able to represent Switzerland at the Junior World Championship in El Salvador. What I like about Main Design is the good-looking swimwear that also fits well when surfing.