Okay, ladies. How often do you pick out a cute bikini, just for it to be suitable for laying out in the sun and nothing else?

The truth is that, although those little string bikinis may look great and serve their own purpose, it is not exactly the ideal suit to wear if you want to get into the water where the action is. Because we love the beach so much and know the struggle, we designed the ultimate  high waisted bikini solution .

If you are still not sure to decide if this is the best route for you to take, here are some of the top benefits of wearing one.


Going to the beach should be a fun time, not one where you are constantly worried about your bathing suit.

As surfer addicts ourselves, we know how important it is to have swimwear that stays on and withstands water sports. After years of frustration with suits not working right or staying on correctly, we switched to high waisted bikinis and have not looked back since.

The most amazing part is that they are not just for surfers, they are for anyone who likes to be active in and out of the water and wants the confidence knowing that their swim bottom will not go anywhere.


Functionality is key, but that doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of looking fabulous at the same time.

The ideology that more skin is more flapping is not always the case. With high waisted bikinis, they hug right beneath your belly button, which shows off your curves, smoothing out your figure, and allows you to move around in any direction without having to be self-conscious of belly rolls like you would with string bikinis.

No matter what size you are, a high waisted bikini works on all body types, emphasizes silhouettes, and really illuminates your natural feminine beauty.


Are you expecting?

If so, you might be hesitant to head to the beach for a lovely day in the sun in fear you are not “bathing suit” ready anymore. But don't let that stop you from enjoying yourself.

Show off that beautiful belly with a pair of high waisted bottoms. The material is very stretchy and perfectly supports your growing belly during your second and third trimesters. They are comfortable, supportive, and can be your go-to suit postpartum as well.


Ask any fashion expert on the planet; retro looks are always in. Retro fashion has been a part of the clothing industry year after year, and swimwear is no exception to that.

With high waisted bikinis being highly sought out in the 1950s, they managed to withstand the tests of time and are still rising in popularity today. So, if you are going for that cute, vintage look, then  high waisted bikinis are the best route to take.


How many women out there are not particularly fans of a one-piece bathing suit? Maybe you like to have the sun hit your belly, or it's just not your style.

Alternatively, how many do not like the small bikinis that show too much skin? If you fall in between these two dilemmas, then a high waisted bikini is your happy medium.

These suits give you the freedom of wearing a two-piece, but also limit the amount of skin you are showing so you can feel comfortable and confident that you look your best.


High waisted bikinis are made for anyone and everyone. No matter what your size is, if you want to go out and surf some waves or simply walk along the beach confidently, this is the ideal swimwear style for you.

What is also notable is that every one of our designs is made from about 80% ECONYL® , meaning they are fully sustainable, optimally comfortable, and will always stay exactly where they should be despite how much you are moving. Coming from us avid surfer moms, you can bet that your expectations with our collection will be exceeded.

So, if you are ready to go out and have some fun in the sun and don't have to worry about any swimsuit wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort, then invest in a high waisted bikini today and see for yourself why this fashion trend only continues to grow.