Summer is here, and both you and your little one itching to start playing in the sun, splash in the waves, and enjoy all the awesome things this season has to offer.

But as any parent knows, the sun can be quite dangerous on your child’s skin and yours too for that matter. You can apply sunblock all you want, but it still may not be enough, especially if they are swimming, and that lotion just washes right off. That reality, mixed with the fact that the fashion industry makes up 5% of all human-made greenhouse gas emissions, can make that precious family time feel a little less existing.

But what if I told you that there is an alternative when it comes to buying kid swimwear? An option that allows you to get the best of all worlds, and make playing in the sun a worry-free one?


At Main Design, we created the perfect kids’ swimwear collection that gives parents the peace of mind knowing that their child is comfortable and safe from the sun with the 50+ UPF UV protective fabricated elements.

In addition, you can feel wonderful knowing that you are also helping the environment by investing in sustainable clothing. It is a win-win on every angle. Not to mention, each swimwear piece is incredibly adorable!


Many times, when people think of sustainable fabric, organic cotton and natural fibers come to mind. However, these are generally not the go-to options when it comes to creating quality swimwear.

Since natural fibers absorb water, they are great for summer clothing for sucking up sweat, but terrible for swimwear, as it can weigh you down. In typical cases, swimwear is often made from synthetic fibers that repel water, but are absolutely awful for the environment, as they are not biodegradable and take up a considerable amount of water and energy to make. So, what is the better, more sustainable solution? Recycled synthetic fibers.

When swimwear is created from recycled materials, it not only saves on the raw materials and is energy efficient, but it is a way to reduce the amount of waste heading to the landfills, which is a triple win.

In our suits, we use ECONYL® regenerated nylon, and it has been proven to better the environment because, for every 10,000 tons of ECONYL® raw materials used, 70,000 barrels of crude oil are saved, and 57,100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions are avoided. 


The short and sweet answer is absolutely, but let’s break down why that is the case.

For starters, since we use ECONYL®, the fabric is much softer and delicate on their sensitive skin. This means that it drastically reduces the risk of your little one getting rashes, such as chafing that can cause them pain.

In addition, these suits are perfectly designed to conform to the body, meaning your child will never have to worry about adjusting UV shirts or bottoms during playtime. They will stay put and do exactly what it was intended for, and that is to protect them from the sun and not move around, causing discomfort.


Us here at MAIN Design are also loving moms, and we know how important it is for you to give your child nothing but the best protection, comfort, and fun for them to grow. We treat every child as if they are our own and created this collection with their best interests in mind.

With that being said, if the eco-friendly, high UV shirt protective features, and the adorable designs did not sell you yet, then you may also be happy to know that sustainable swimwear material is known for lasting years and years. Your child will outgrow their suit before it wears out, even if they wore it every single day, and that is what makes it worth every cent.


If you are ready to hit up the beach and make lasting memories with your child while they are still little, then check out our kids’ swimwear collection today. Those children are only little for so long, and summer is in full force. So, go out and enjoy the present and take in those wonderful family moments and remove all the worry.

Invest in the most sustainable UV swimsuit on the market that will protect their little bodies, and stay in place, so they feel nothing but joy at the end of a long, fun beach day.