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We use very soft material, and UPF 50+ fabric, leaving no rashes on the sensitive skin. It’s so important to make sure that your baby’s delicate skin is protected from the sun with UPF 50+ fabric that blocks out 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. PLUS: They match with mom’s swimwear!

How to choose the right swimsuit for my kids

Swimwear for boys and girls

We focus more on girls bathing suits than boys swimwear, but we always try to do some pieces unisex that can be worn by girls and boys. 

What size for my kid? 

The kids sizes go by years. Our range goes from 0 years to 7 years old children. We do not have a sizing chart for babies and toddlers, since every child has different proportions. Depending on how snuggly you want the swimwear, you can get your one year old the size 0/1 or the size 1/2 for a looser fit. If you need help with finding the right size, we are happy to help!

Eco friendly kids swimwear

We only use extra soft and eco friendly material containing UPF 50+ sun protection. The material is comfortable, stretchy and fast drying. Some good care and the high quality of the pieces assure you a long lasting product. 

Care instructions

Sun, sand, salt, sunscreen and chlorine are hard on the bathing suits. Make sure it gets the right care. Rinse with water after use. Dry in the breezy shade. Hand wash with love. Handle with care. The UPF50+ doesn’t wash out of the clothes, but with special weaves, a fabric’s fibers can become desorted over time, making them less effective at screening UV light. Please make sure you check your swimsuits of any damage from time to time.

What means UPF 50+ factor? Do I still need to apply sunscreen?

The UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) is a numerical rating given to clothing to indicate how effectively the fabric blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The highest UPF rating a garment can be assigned is 50+, which gives you excellent sun protection as it only permits 2 percent of available ultraviolet radiation to penetrate a fabric. This kind of protection doesn't wash out, but as with special weaves, a fabric's fibers can become distorted over time, making them less effective at screening UV light. There is no need to put sunscreen under a perfectly intact garment with UPF 50+ protection. Just make sure to cover all skin parts exposed to the sun with high factor sun screen and apply repeatedly. Also wearing a hat for your baby/ toddler is highly recommended. Plus, always keep you and your family hydrated. 

At the beach or poolside

Your kids skin is very sensitive. Depending on where you live, the skin can be even more sensitive when not used to tropical weather or being in the sun that much in general. All our pieces have a UPF 50+ protection. Make sure, that on any other bodyparts which are exposed to the sun, high factor sun screen is applied. Also a sun hat prevents your kid from sunburn, headaches and dehydration. Try to not be in the sun during noon hours and keep yourselves hydrated at all times. Whether you are buildling sand castles or playing in the ocean, wearing our suits will protect your kids skin from the harmful UV rays.
Make sure to wash out the salt water and chlorine out of the swimsuits after every use. This will make them last even longer. 

Favorite swimwear of Malia 

Malia loves the Alessa Swimsuit and the Malia Bodysuit. Since we travel often to far away sunny places, we always wear the bodysuit in the beginning of our travels, until Malia gets a little more adjusted to the sun. 

Favorite swimwear of Alessa 

Alessa’s favorite is the Swimsuit Lena. Our MAIN Girl lives in Bali and is a true mermaid and the ocean and the pool is her daily playground.

Our MAIN Mini story

In 2018, Tiina and Yvi became moms. Our two girls Alessa and Malia love the beach and the ocean as much as we do. We wanted them to be safe and protected when exposed to the sun. Our next project was born: MAIN MINI. For two years, we’ve been testing all the swimsuits and rashies on our girls and our friends kids, always trying to improve our cuts for even better fits. We tried to figure out designs that are easy to put on and take off. Now we are proud to present our kids swimwear, which we are very happy with. We hope you and your kids love them as much as we do.


Our collection consists of swimsuits with or without sleeves, lycras and also bodysuits for even more coverage. Some are closed by zipper, some are tied in the back. Some of the styles are more girly, some are unisex. The child and parent friendly design makes it easy to put them on and off.

Mommy and me – MAIN Mini matching outfits

Want to wear the same style as your little one? Check out our bikini shop for matching outfits. You and your kid will love it!

Vacation with your little one

Going on a vacation with your little one is always a big thing. Not only the planing phase, but also the journey, shall it be by car, train or airplane. Once arrived at the destination many will realize that some die-hard surfer destinations are less child-friendly than previously imagined. Good you already have a safe uv protection in form of a bathing suit from MAIN Design. To avoid any further surprises, check out this lovely family surf travel agency: www.familysurfco.com. They are experienced and will help you make your surf trip with your kids a big success.

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