We are simply in love with these towels. They have been our daily accessory during the past years. We just had to produce and add them to our shop. Let us show you why everyone should have one.


The Turkish Towel is made out of Turkish cotton fibre. This type of fibre is extra long, which results in longer and stronger threads. That’s why they are even softer, fluffier and have a much longer life endurance than regular cotton towels.

All our towels are made from 100% high quality Turkish Cotton, produced in Bursa, Turkey. That is where the Turkish Towels were invented in the 17th century.


Here are some reasons why a Turkish Towel is a must have. 

First of all, they are super practical. They can be used as a beach towel for your vacation, your spontaneous outdoor picnic, for drying up after your quick jump into the lake or to keep you warm during the colder season. 

They are all made from 100% natural fibre. The high quality cotton makes them extremely soft, leaving a comfortable feeling on your skin. They don’t take up a lot of space in your bag and are lightweight, which makes them your perfect travel companion. Used as a scarf, they make a beautiful accessory.

Or are you looking for a gift? You can never go wrong with a beautiful towel. 


The purpose of use is endless. Here is a list of some ideas how to use them:

  • bath and hair towel
  • beach towel
  • picnic blanket
  • cozy blanket to keep you comfortable and warm
  • travel blanket for the airport/airplane, train or car rides
  • baby and kids blanket
  • sun shade
  • towel for your wellness/hamam getaway
  • scarf
  • sarong
  • seat/sofa/bed cover
  • table cloth
  • and many many more

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