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Wakesurf, river surf, indoor surf, wave pool, city wave - we have it all!

Yes we all know, Switzerland is landlocked. But we found many other ways to ride waves and enjoy surfing in our country. Plus there are also great ways to practice for your next surf trip. Let us introduce you to some landlocked ways of surfing.


Wakesurfing is such a fun water sport. The wakeboat produces a fun and steep wave. You will be pulled by tow rope to get up and will drop the rope whenever you are ready. With a bit of practice, you will be able to ride the steep face below the wave’s peak and with more practice, will be able to do lots of fun tricks. Wakesurfers normally use special designed surfboards. There are many wakeboardschools in Switzerland to choose from. There’s for sure one not far from your home. 

Check out our dear friends from the Wakeboat Surfclub who surf the Lake Murten. They have great offers and fun special events. And most importantly, such a nice and fun team!

to wakeboat surfclub

Indoor surfing - oana city wave

Livia Oana City Wave

Located at the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon, this artificial indoor wave promises lots of fun!

You can enjoy a 45 minutes long session, private or public, with a perfect standing wave with a height of 1.4 meters. The wave can be adapted to your personal skill level from beginner to professional.

There’s also a beautiful surf shop with surf gear and surf fashion and even MAIN bikinis to try on.

Great food and drinks will be provided by the OANA restaurant.

And of course, a happy and relaxed atmosphere thanks to the amazing staff. The OANA city wave, bowlery and eventlab is definitely worth a visit!

Also check out our girls Livia @liv.fuerst and Nicki @nicki_antognini in action.

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urban surf zurich city wave

In the middle of Zurich, you’ll find this beautiful surf platform. Enjoy pure surfing pleasure on the Citywave, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro. They height of the wave can be adjusted to your skill level. 

Enjoy a surf, great food and drinks and fun events at this little oasis in the middle of town. Surely a great experience! 

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river surfing

Riversurf Bremgarten

Riversurfing on standing river waves is a popular way of surfing in Switzerland. After heavy rainfalls and a certain water flow rate, the river waves come to life. You need some knowledge on when the waves work and there are important safety rules to follow.

There are great webpages providing all the information about riversurfing. Here are two of them:

riverwave thun riversurf bremgarten


Bungeesurfing is another way of surfing in streaming water, with the help of a rope. The river stream is used for straining the rope. One end of the rope will be attached to a bridge or a tree, the other has a handle to hold onto. Is there enough strain, the surfer can get up and ride against the stream of the river. Check out our friends from Bungeesurf Aargau on their website and on instagram @bungeesurf_aargau for nice inspirations of the sport.

Here’s a nice website about all you need to know if you want to try bungeesurfing:

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Bungeesurf Bern

AlaÏa bay wave garden


In the middle of the Swiss Alps, in Sion, this surfers paradise opened in 2021. It is the first built wavepool in continental Europe. With a pool size of 8’500 m² and endless perfect glassy waves, it is a surfers dream. 

The many different sessions offer waves for every surf level, from absolute beginner to pro. Surf packages and surf lessons can be booked through the website.

The waves, restaurant and surf shop leave no wish open. 

To AlaÏa Bay

sup - stand up paddling

Stand up Paddling (SUP) is a fun way to play on the water and even get a full body workout in. You stand straight up on your board with your feet a bit apart from each other. To move forward, you use a paddle. 

There are hard boards or inflatable ones to choose from. Check out our friends from Indiana Paddlesurf for gear and all you need to know about the sport. They sure are happy to help you. Also SUP lessons can be booked through them. 


surfgear needed? the answer is surfari surfshop

Surfari Surfshop

There are a couple of surfshops in Switzerland. We personally recommend to check out the Surfari Surfshop in Zurich. This shop offers everything you need for your surf trip or your day by the water. Surfing in the ocean, wakesurf, city wave, wavegarden, river surf, SUP and all other water sports, they got you covered with the best gear! You can also try on our MAIN bikinis there.

The staff is super competent, fun and friendly. You will walk out of the store happy and smiling for sure. 

To Surfari Surfshop

ssa - swiss surfing association

The Swiss Surfing Association (SSA) was founded in 1992, representing the sport of surfing in Switzerland on a national and international level. 

Want to know all about what’s going on in the Swiss surfer scene? Check out the website of the Swiss Surfing Association to get the latest news. Get a membership, benefit from exclusive specials and be part of the Swiss surf family.

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