New Swim and surf wear collection

What inspired us

Our new collection is inspired by our unconditional love for water and travels. While Tiina enjoys as much of her time off by the Indian Ocean in Bali, Yvi had the chance to spend several weeks in French Polynesia last year. Close to the ocean – that is where our ideas flow and we take inspiration from. With our new swimwear and accessories collection, we want to bring some of these tropical feelings to you.

Performance, style and comfort

We’ve packed performance, style and comfort into our swim and surf wear. All pieces are made of high quality fabrics, which are buttery soft, durable and with an excellent sun protection rating of UPF50+. The well-thought-out designs with minimal seams make this collection super comfortable to wear and flattering for every body type. The whole collection is made of recycled materials, such as plastic bottles and other waste – recovered from the ocean. We donate 1% of all Online Sales to Healthy Seas, to help protect what we love most.

Being in a bikini or swimsuit has never felt so good.

MAIN Design Surf and swimwear Fit and size guide

What's new

New designs

We worked on a couple new designs and improved some of the already existing styles. We take costumer feedbacks very serious and always try to include opinions and suggestions for improvement. So a big thank you to all of you sending us positive but also critical feedbacks. We appreciate every voice.


For this years collection, we changed our sizing a little bit. All our pieces run now a little bigger than before. For the exact measurements, please check out our fit and size guide on our website. If you are not sure about the size, don’t hesitate and drop us a message, we are happy to help.

MAIN Design surf and swimwear - salty collection
MAIN Design Phoenix Surf Suit
MAIN Design Divine Surf Suit and Lena Kids Swimsuit
Artist Collection

Collab with Joan Bergmans

For this year, we also made a collaboration with the wonderful Joan Bergmans for our very first artist collection. Joan is a Dutch artist and art teacher inspired by the ocean. For custom illustration, digital design, unique prints, workshops, and creative collaborations. To find out more about her and her beautiful art pieces, visit her website.

Protect (y)our playground

Joan did for us the beautiful design with the dolphins, sadly swimming through plastic trash. Raising awareness of the immense pollution and danger for marine life.

Plastic pollution in our oceans is a serious problem we must take care of because it won’t go away by itself. Everyone can reduce plastic usage, and every step towards a plastic-free environment counts, no matter how big the impact is. Please help to keep our environment clean, reduce plastic, pick up trash, and recycle.

MAIN Design artist collection surf shirt Joan Bergmans
Aina and Lush artwork Joan Bergmans
Maria Rash Guard, black and Aina Kids UV Shirt
Price battle

Our goal is and always has been to develop sustainable high quality products that are also fairly priced. We want affordable products for the vast majority, even if it reduces our margin.

Through the last years it became more and more difficult to keep the selling prices on the same level. Fabrics became more expensive, producers increased prices, shipping became more expensive. So really all the means that lead to the finished product. The Covid period was financially difficult for us. It was almost impossible to travel and, as we know, the Swiss summer is unfortunately not of too long duration. For a long time you couldn’t go to the outdoor pools either. And who needs a new bikini then.

Since the production prices have unfortunately risen even further, for the first time we now see ourselves forced to increase the prices on the next year’s collection. The pressure was simply too big. However, we try to increase the prices as little as possible, so that our products are still sold at fair prices. We hope for your understanding.


The Salty Collection will launch early spring. We hope you like our new sustainable swim collection. Thank you so so much for all your love and support towards us and our small business. We appreciate every one of you. 

We wish you a wonderful, flowery and sunny spring and summer with lots of happy moments.

All the love from the MAIN team,
Tiina and Yvi

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