THE MAKING OF our Sustainable Bikinis and Swimwear

At MAIN Design, sustainability is one of our top goals and very important to us. That is why we put a large proportion of recycled and regenerated fabrics in every MAIN bikini and swimsuit. We have been working with leading companies in this industry for many years, such as Aquafil and Unifi. The yarn and the resulting textiles we use are of high quality and identical to regular fabrics – the only difference is the sustainability and eco-friendliness. Wear your sustainable swimwear with pride – you are doing something good for the environment.

eco-friendly – Recycling and Regenerating

It all starts with goods and products that get thrown away as they are no longer used. In wealthy countries, those goods will hopefully end up straight in a recycling facility. In other countries unfortunately most of them will end up in landfills, huge trash piles or in the ocean. There is hope though, as the number of people who are committed to a cleaner world keeps rising. More and more waste is recovered through an increasing number of projects and the possibilities are endless. This is how polluting plastic and nylon waste, which might be life-threatening to animals, is returned to the industry. Aquafil will regenerate fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpets and industrial plastics and process it into high-quality ECONYL® nylon yarn. Repreve® polyester yarn is made from recycled waste such as packaging waste and plastic bottles.

nylon and other waste
polymer ECONYL®


A comprehensive regeneration and cleaning process is returning those recovered materials into their original purity. The result of this process are pellets that have the same high quality as the regular product. These pellets can now be colored and further processed as required.


The recycled polyester and ECONYL® raw material are now processed into textile yarn and are available to the respective producers of sustainable clothing and other products. This process of regeneration can be repeated endless times. The only requirement therefore is, that products which are no longer used, find their way back into the recycling process.

Designing the new collection

Every year we design the new collection in the MAIN Design Studio. For every collection there is a number of different factors that play a role. In addition to current trends in swimwear and fashion in general, also the customer feedbacks play a big part. By the way, you can also get involved, for example by taking surveys on Instagram and Facebook. This has resulted in great products such as our bottom jade and top cheers.

fabricS & prints OF OUR SWIMSUITS

As soon as we finish our designing process and decide how the new collection will look like, we select the fabrics and if applicable, the designs will be printed on them. 

cuts and forms


Now the fabrics have been produced and the first samples of the bikinis are created. This is always an exciting moment for the whole team, as for the first time, we can hold the finished product in our own hands. The samples are produced together with our local partners in Bali under fair working conditions. Most of the time, after two or three runs, the respective bikini part is perfected and ready for production.


The samples have been perfected and are already in circulation for our marketing team and partner shops. Production has started and every single bikini is handmade in Bali with love. We would like to point out again that everything takes place under fair working conditions and we do not support any child labor. In order to be able to offer high quality through the assembly line, every single bikini part is checked for errors as soon as it is created.



The goods will now be packaged and shipped to our partner shops worldwide and to our warehouse in Switzerland. As soon as the goods arrive and are registered, the launch of the new collection can take place. The bikinis and swimsuits are finally released for sale. If you would like to be the first to be informed about our new collections, then sign up for our newsletter. And in addition, there are always promotions and sales that you don’t want to miss.

Bikini Online Shop

Browse our website for the entire collection. You can easily order online and with our 14-days return policy you can send all the items back you don’t like. If you prefer to buy your sustainable swimwear in a shop, you will find a map including all our partner shops in our store locator. Most partner shops are in Switzerland, EU and Bali.