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our mission

In this day and age, nothing matters more than caring for our planet and those living on it. Our mission is to be as sustainable as possible, always improving and finding new ways to help our environment and the community.

our eco friendly collection

As for now, more than 95% of all our swimwear pieces are made out of recycled and sustainable fabrics. This includes our printed fabrics, our signature fabrics and even our inner linings.

For many years, we have been working with leading companies in this industry such as Aquafil and Unifi. The yarn and the resulting textiles we use are of high quality and identical to regular fabrics – the only difference is the sustainability.

Recycling and regenerating

The appetite for new products is infinite, the planets resources are not. Goods and products get thrown away. In many countries, most of them will end up in landfills, huge trash piles or in the ocean.

There is hope though, as the number of people who are committed to a cleaner world keep rising. Waste is recovered through an increasing number of projects. This is how polluting plastic and nylon waste is returned to the industry. For example, Aquafil will regenerate fishing nets and other nylon waste and process it into high-quality ECONYL® nylon yarn. Like this, new products can be created and bought without having to use new resources.

beach clean up MAIN mini

production and packaging

We work to minimise the negative impacts associated with manufacturing, producing our materials ethically. It is a priority to us to ensure that all people involved are treated fairly and respectfully along the way. 

Our products are shipped in preloved cardboard boxes or recycled paper mailers. We refuse using single plastic bags. Our pieces are shipped in a OEKO-TEX® certified cotton bag.

the impact

We believe that every choice we make has an impact, and every impact, big or small, creates waves. Every purchase prioritizes the health of our oceans. We want them to keep healthy. We proudly donate 1% of all our online sales to Healthy Seas. This wonderful organisation recovers abandoned fishing nets and other waste from the ocean. These are processed into the nylon yarn ECONYL®, out of which most of our swimwear is produced.

Wear your MAIN bikini with pride – you are doing something good for the environment. 

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