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Self-employment and motherhood

About us

Taking the step to self-employment

We would like to introduce ourselves briefly. We are Tiina and Yvi, we run and manage MAIN Design. We are both mommies since 2018. We remember very well how we founded an Ltd. online completely spontaneously on a playground in Zurich on a park bench. A step that we have not once regretted to this day.

Balancing self-employment and motherhood

Since then, we have been trying to balance work, family and free time. Which is not always easy. We would like to tell you a little bit about our journey to self-employment, with the rewarding as well as difficult moments.

Self-employment and motherhood - Tiina and Yvi - MAIN Design

Difficulties of self-employment and motherhood

Time management

A tricky topic. You already have the feeling that you don’t have enough time for everything. Now, in addition to the family, there is the desire to realize oneself. Is it even possible to reconcile everything? Playing with the daughter, time with the family and friends, household, the business and where does that leave the time for yourself? We say yes, it is possible, but as we find, anything but easy. It takes an enormous amount of self-management and a lot of planning.


Planning is the be-all and end-all. The best way to help us is to make a plan, to schedule what to get done and when. To keep track of everything, the various tasks are noted down. Often, the to-do list is endless long, so prioritizing is very important. Don’t forget to plan short breaks. Then you can get back to work much fresher. We know from ourselves that breaks come much too short. You want to get as much done as possible.

Stress management

In self-employment, there is basically no end to the work. You can always work more, do even more, improve even more. This makes it extremely difficult to switch off despite the never-shortening to-do list. Often there is also a guilty conscience.

Missing wages

Despite the many hours of work with many many overtime hours, there are times when you have to endure not earning anything.

Motivation and perseverance

Probably the two most important prerequisites, without which nothing works at all. Of course, motivation is not always the same. That’s why it’s important to motivate oneself. Our satisfied customers are the greatest motivation for us to keep going. And then, of course, there is our passion and the joy in what we do. This helps us to persevere, even if the energy level is sometimes not the highest.

Production and collaboration

For those who do not know, we produce in Bali. We have been working with our producers for several years. Even though Tiina speaks Indonesian incredibly well by now, the meetings are not always easy. The language barrier is still there.

At the same time, it is incredibly exciting to come into contact with this beautiful culture. The Balinese are very nice people. However, the work ethic cannot be compared to that of the Swiss. Everything takes a lot longer. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead. However, it is up to us to rethink, to empathize with the other culture and to accept that during certain days and weeks when there are holidays (and there are many of these in Bali) simply nothing happens. Somehow this also decelerates life, which is actually something nice. With the right advance planning, even then the delivery times can be met without any problems.

The rewarding moments of self-employment and motherhood

In addition to the difficult moments, there are many beautiful, rewarding and unforgettable moments in self-employment and motherhood. Here are some of them:

Satisfied customers

Compliments, kind words, positive feedback from satisfied customers, friends and family are probably the greatest motivation and the best reward for us. Or when your own child is always running around in the new bathing suit we designed and doesn’t want to take it off. And when you feel how many people are behind you and support you.

Joy in every sale

With such a small business like ours, every sale still triggers great joy and gratitude in us. Since we store the things at our place and pack and ship them ourselves, we experience every single order and are also able to answer every question of our customers ourselves.

Satisfaction and pride

Many small positive moments, trigger satisfaction and pride. The inner satisfaction when something is done, when you hold a finished product in your hand, when the website is up to date, when the new collection comes out and goes on sale, when you manage to get the website up and running again without being an IT specialist.

Learning process

You learn an incredible amount. Since there are only two of us operating the business, we take on all the tasks, even if we had no idea about the many processes beforehand. It’s a never-ending learning process, but that also makes it incredibly exciting and interesting.

Role model

Being independent as a mommy is possible. It fills us with pride that we can set an example for our daughters that you can also live your dreams as a mom. They watch us as we plan, as we work, as we make things happen. We hope that we can pass on to our girls that you can achieve a lot if you put your mind to it and enjoy it.

Price battle

Our goal is and always has been to develop sustainable high quality products that are also fairly priced. We want affordable products for the vast majority, even if it reduces our margin.

Challenging times

Through the last years it became more and more difficult to keep the selling prices on the same level. Fabrics became more expensive, producers increased prices, shipping became more expensive. So really all the means that lead to the finished product. The Covid period was financially difficult for us. It was almost impossible to travel and, as we know, the Swiss summer is unfortunately not of too long duration. For a long time you couldn’t go to the outdoor pools either. And who needs a new bikini then.

Since the production prices have unfortunately risen even further, for the first time we now see ourselves forced to increase the prices on the next year’s collection. The pressure was simply too big. However, we try to increase the prices as little as possible, so that our products are still sold at fair prices. We hope for your understanding.

A big thank you

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and love during the last years, the kind words and encouragement when things were not easy. We appreciate each of you so much. Being self-employed and running a small business is not always easy, but we love what we do and hope that we will be able to do it for a long time.

All the love to you ♡

Tiina and Yvi

Leather bag barcelona

The perfect gift

The perfect gift is not that hard to find. How about sustainable accessories you can never go wrong with? And you won’t even have to get caught up with sizes. Because this gift guide only shows sustainable bags, accessories and other nice-to-haves. Plus we have pieces for every price range. 

Monoi Tiki Tahiti Tanning Oil Vanilla
Kids bracelet gemstones
Necklace sterling silver


All our bags are ethically handmade from sustainable materials. We are only using high quality materials that are ethically sourced and handpicked. From organic cotton to leather leftovers, that would have otherwise gone to waste.

To all bags

Jewelry for adults and kids

Our jewelry pieces are ethically handmade and all the materials are carefully chosen and handpicked. With jewelry, you can surely never go wrong.

Our personal tipp: If you are looking for a gift for your daughter or niece, have you seen our kids gemstone bracelets? Our daughters just love them and wear them all the time. Big plus: they also have many health benefits.

To all accessories

Other gift ideas

To the shop

Thank you!

Thank you so much for supporting our small business. We really appreciate every one of you. 

We wish you all the best and happy gifting.

With love, Tiina and Yvi

MAIN Design surf and swim

Green November Donation

Protect what you love

As surfing mom’s it’s a no brainer that we want to protect what is most important to us. All our swimwear is made out of recycled and sustainable fabrics. These fabrics are made from abandoned fishing nets, recovered from the ocean, and other plastic waste.

Every action counts

The amount of trash we see on our beloved beaches and in the ocean is insane and makes us sad. If you get the chance, please pick up trash from the beaches or from the water. It’s an easy task and it’s done fast. Every action counts. 

Marlon Kids Rashguard
Laila Girl Surfsuit stripes

30% of all online sales go to healthy seas

This whole month of November, we donate 30% of all online sales to Healthy Seas. They do an incredible job protecting the ocean. Come join our journey and help raise some money for a better now and a better future for our next generation.

If you want to find out more about Healthy Seas and their incredible work, please visit the website.

to healthy seas
Healthy Seas

What we do to prevent waste

Converting excess fabric

We try to be as sustainable as possible throughout all of our working processes. That is why we only produce a limited quantity of our pieces at a time. To avoid as much waste as possible, we produce our scrunchies, kids safari hats and samples with all excess fabrics.


We are as mindful about our packaging as we are about our garments themselves. We ship our products in preloved cardboard boxes or recycled paper mailers. Our products are not packed into single plastic bags. They are shipped in a certified cotton bag STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

MAIN Design surf bikinis

To a better future. We are in this together.

Blog The Sunday Line Collection

New Collection – The Sunday Line

The sunday line

Designed with comfort and style in mind – Easy to wear, easy to love

Our new collection is all about that relaxed Sunday morning feeling. Comfort and style are – besides sustainability and quality – two of our big goals for our designs.

For your lazy Sunday at home or any other day of the week. Bring the Sunday feeling with you wherever you go and whichever activity you enjoy. Play, rest, work – the versatility of our pieces make this incredibly easy.

The high quality fabrics we use for our collection are soft, durable, with the perfect percentage of stretch, leaving a soft and caressing feeling on your skin. Our designs aim to hug your body in the right spots, adapting to every body shape. 

Blog The Sunday Line Collection

what's new

We worked on a couple brand new styles and improved some of the last years pieces. Also, a lot of our new pieces are now reversible, which means you get two color ways in one bikini. We also added surf shirts to our line, for women and kids. Each and every piece is sustainable, made from recycled materials with UPF 50+ sun protection.

Here we like to introduce you to some of our newest additions and favorites of ours.

Divine Surf Suit tan lines/stripes
Divine Surf Suit tan lines/stripes




Divine Surf Suit

The divine surf suit is one of our absolute favorites. The front is fully covered, while the back is open with tieable strings on the neck. This suit stays put no matter what.

Show off your divine beauty!




Vivid Surf Bikini Top

We worked on our Surf Bikini Top. A lot of you liked our former Pasta Surf Bikini Top, our Spaghetti Top and our Aurora Top. So here comes the Vivid, a mix of all of them. This top stays put no matter the movement. It is perfect for any water activity.

Vivid Surf Bikini Top baked leo
Vivid Surf Bikini Top baked leo
lush surf shirt stripes
lush surf shirt stripes



Lush Surf Shirt

Here comes our first Surf Shirt. It is made from HeiQ, a Swiss sustainable, high quality fabric. It is very light weight, quick dry, anti oder and anti bacterial. And of course, it offers UPF 50+ sun protection. This shirt comes in two colorways and is also available for kids.



Savage Triangle Bikini

The simple triangle bikini is back! Requested by many of you, we designed this simple yet stylish triangle bikini top. It has an underbust band for extra support, the straps can be adjusted and it is tied in the back. 

Savage Triangle Bikini Top cloudbreak
Savage Triangle bikini cloudbreak
Mini Me stripes
MAIN mini kids swimwear



MAIN Mini Collection

The new MAIN mini collection is made of sustainable soft fabrics, all with UPF 50+ sun protection to protect your kids sensitive skin. The pieces come in the same color ways like the adult swimwear. Match with your mini!

to the shop

Sustainable - recycled - designed to protect

Designed in Switzerland and Bali. Crafted in Bali.

We’re not here to just make fashion. We are here to make a change. All our pieces are made from recycled materials. helping to reduce landfill and ocean waste. We donate 1% of all online sales to Healthy Seas. Giving back to our oceans, any way we can.

Day by day, with every decision, no matter how small, you can make changes towards sustainability. What you wear and what you carry are easy yet important

A few words from us

We hope you are as excited as we are about the launch of this years collection.

Thank you so much for all your support during the last years. Being two moms, running a business, it is challenging but yet rewarding. We will continue with passion and try our best to create pieces to love and last. 

With lots of love from the MAIN Team,
Tiina and Yvi

Christmas gift guide

Gift Guide for Christmas

Still looking for gift ideas? We got you covered!

Holiday Season is already around the corner. Did you already find time to think about presents? If not, no problem, maybe we can help with some ideas. Have fun exploring!

We hope our holiday gift guide can help you find gifts that will bring joy to you and your loved ones. 

Give Nature

Gifts that give back to Mother Nature – Shop our eco friendly surf bikinis and swimwear. Our pieces are made of recovered fishing nets, plastic bottles, ocean waste and other plastic waste. Recycle. Reuse.

Also 1% of all sales go to Healthy Seas, who help clean up and protect our oceans. Until end of November, our Blue November gives you the chance to either keep 30% to yourself or get 30% donated to Healthy Seas. Use code: BLUENOVEMBER for your discount.

shop swim

Give Protection

Our kids swimwear is made out of sustainable recycled fabrics. The material is very soft and comfortable, leaving no rashes on the sensitive skin.

The most important: All our pieces already have UPF50+ sun protection in the material. 50+ is the highest UPF rating a garment can be assigned, which gives your child excellent sun protection.

PLUS: They match with mom’s swimwear!

Kids collection
Gift Guide Christmas
Turkish Towel gift guide

Give Summer Feeling

There is always summer somewhere. Gift yourself or your besties with our sustainable surf and swimwear or a gift card for them to choose their favorite pieces.

Gift cards

How about one of our travel and beach towels? They are the most versatile items. Use them as towel, blanket, scarf, tablecloth, picnic blanket, couch throw, sarong. The perfect gift!


Give Cozy and Sporty

Have you seen our active wear yet? Our cozy active wear works for your every day life. Hit the gym, do yoga, check the surf or chill at home in it.

The soft breathable material is so comfortable, you don’t want to take it off.

active wear
Christmas Gift Guide
Gift Guide Christmas
MAIN design jewelry
Gift Guide Christmas

Give Luxury

Our accessories are made for every woman. Living in the city, the countryside, traveling the world  – our pieces are simple, practical, with a pretty and sleek design, fulfilling all your needs. They vary from vanity bags to purses, to day bags, to weekender bags. Everything is handmade with love in Bali. Most styles are made out of premium quality leather.


Our jewelry pieces are all unique, handmade and remind you of tropical islands with sandy beaches. We have beautiful natural stone and crystal rings, sterling silver and crystal pendants and necklaces.


Give Bestellers

Here is a fine selection of the all time favorite pieces. You can for sure never go wrong with those pieces. 

MAIN Design Surf Bikinis and Healthy Seas
Blue November - 30% off or donation

Blue November – donation and sale

blue november - get 30% off or donate 30%. You Choose.

Blue November

Join us and help protect our oceans

Being as sustainable as possible has been our main goal. All our surf- and swimwear pieces are made out of recycled fabrics, such as plastic bottles and ocean waste like ghost nets.

We are both passionate surfers and moms and the ocean is our favorite playground. That is why we choose to protect what we love most. Not only for us, but also for our daughters and for the future generation. 🙏🏼

For a cleaner ocean we are willing to donate 30% of all online sales to Healthy Seas throughout the whole month of November. We leave it up to you to decide whether you want to get a 30% discount on your online purchase or get the same amount donated to Healthy Seas.

To get your discount use code: bluenovember

If you don’t use this code, we will automatically donate 30% of your order. The campaign starts on November 1st and ends on November 30.

To our shop

Healthy Seas

Healthy Seas is a non-profit organization and was founded in 2013. Their goals are to recover fishing nets with volunteer divers, prevent litter from ending up in the seas and raise public awareness.

Every year, about 640’000 tons of fishing gear are left or abandoned in the oceans. Through cleanups with volunteer divers, Healthy Seas collects these deadly waste nets and ensures they become a valuable resource. Nylon fishing nets are regenerated together with other nylon waste by Aquafil into ECONYL® yarn while the other types of plastics are also reused or recycled.

Please check their website to learn all about their amazing work and their special event for Blue Friday.

to healthy seas
Healthy Seas


Surfing in Switzerland? – No problem!

Wakesurf, river surf, indoor surf, wave pool, city wave - we have it all!

Yes we all know, Switzerland is landlocked. But we found many other ways to ride waves and enjoy surfing in our country. Plus there are also great ways to practice for your next surf trip. Let us introduce you to some landlocked ways of surfing.


Wakesurfing is such a fun water sport. The wakeboat produces a fun and steep wave. You will be pulled by tow rope to get up and will drop the rope whenever you are ready. With a bit of practice, you will be able to ride the steep face below the wave’s peak and with more practice, will be able to do lots of fun tricks. Wakesurfers normally use special designed surfboards. There are many wakeboardschools in Switzerland to choose from. There’s for sure one not far from your home. 

Check out our dear friends from the Wakeboat Surfclub who surf the Lake Murten. They have great offers and fun special events. And most importantly, such a nice and fun team!

to wakeboat surfclub

Indoor surfing - oana city wave

Livia Oana City Wave

Located at the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon, this artificial indoor wave promises lots of fun!

You can enjoy a 45 minutes long session, private or public, with a perfect standing wave with a height of 1.4 meters. The wave can be adapted to your personal skill level from beginner to professional.

There’s also a beautiful surf shop with surf gear and surf fashion and even MAIN bikinis to try on.

Great food and drinks will be provided by the OANA restaurant.

And of course, a happy and relaxed atmosphere thanks to the amazing staff. The OANA city wave, bowlery and eventlab is definitely worth a visit!

Also check out our girls Livia @liv.fuerst and Nicki @nicki_antognini in action.

to oana

urban surf zurich city wave

In the middle of Zurich, you’ll find this beautiful surf platform. Enjoy pure surfing pleasure on the Citywave, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro. They height of the wave can be adjusted to your skill level. 

Enjoy a surf, great food and drinks and fun events at this little oasis in the middle of town. Surely a great experience! 

To urbansurf

river surfing

Riversurf Bremgarten

Riversurfing on standing river waves is a popular way of surfing in Switzerland. After heavy rainfalls and a certain water flow rate, the river waves come to life. You need some knowledge on when the waves work and there are important safety rules to follow.

There are great webpages providing all the information about riversurfing. Here are two of them:

riverwave thun riversurf bremgarten


Bungeesurfing is another way of surfing in streaming water, with the help of a rope. The river stream is used for straining the rope. One end of the rope will be attached to a bridge or a tree, the other has a handle to hold onto. Is there enough strain, the surfer can get up and ride against the stream of the river. Check out our friends from Bungeesurf Aargau on their website and on instagram @bungeesurf_aargau for nice inspirations of the sport.

Here’s a nice website about all you need to know if you want to try bungeesurfing:

to swiss bungeesurfing
Bungeesurf Bern

AlaÏa bay wave garden


In the middle of the Swiss Alps, in Sion, this surfers paradise opened in 2021. It is the first built wavepool in continental Europe. With a pool size of 8’500 m² and endless perfect glassy waves, it is a surfers dream. 

The many different sessions offer waves for every surf level, from absolute beginner to pro. Surf packages and surf lessons can be booked through the website.

The waves, restaurant and surf shop leave no wish open. 

To AlaÏa Bay

sup - stand up paddling

Stand up Paddling (SUP) is a fun way to play on the water and even get a full body workout in. You stand straight up on your board with your feet a bit apart from each other. To move forward, you use a paddle. 

There are hard boards or inflatable ones to choose from. Check out our friends from Indiana Paddlesurf for gear and all you need to know about the sport. They sure are happy to help you. Also SUP lessons can be booked through them. 


surfgear needed? the answer is surfari surfshop

Surfari Surfshop

There are a couple of surfshops in Switzerland. We personally recommend to check out the Surfari Surfshop in Zurich. This shop offers everything you need for your surf trip or your day by the water. Surfing in the ocean, wakesurf, city wave, wavegarden, river surf, SUP and all other water sports, they got you covered with the best gear! You can also try on our MAIN bikinis there.

The staff is super competent, fun and friendly. You will walk out of the store happy and smiling for sure. 

To Surfari Surfshop

ssa - swiss surfing association

The Swiss Surfing Association (SSA) was founded in 1992, representing the sport of surfing in Switzerland on a national and international level. 

Want to know all about what’s going on in the Swiss surfer scene? Check out the website of the Swiss Surfing Association to get the latest news. Get a membership, benefit from exclusive specials and be part of the Swiss surf family.

to SSA

Healthy Seas Logo

Collaboration with Healthy Seas

every positive impact counts

As a swimwear company, specialized in surf wear, it makes sense that we want to keep the oceans healthy. It is important to us to protect what we love most. We believe that every choice we make has an impact, and every impact, big or small, creates waves.

That is why we have partnered up with Healthy Seas. This environmental organization and the amazing people behind it, are working hard to protect our oceans. We proudly donate 1% of all our online sales to Healthy Seas. Let us tell you more about this amazing organization and the people behind.

Healthy seas

Healthy Seas is a non-profit organization and was founded in 2013. Their goal is to tackle the ghost fishing problem which is responsible for the suffering of millions of marine animals. Dolphins, seals, turtles, birds and other animals get entangled in these nets which can lead to serious injuries and death.

Every year, about 640’000 tons of fishing gear are left or abandoned in the oceans. Through cleanups with volunteer divers, Healthy Seas collects these deadly waste nets and ensures they become a valuable resource. Since its start in 2013,  already over 585 tons of fishing nets have been collected with the help of divers, fishermen and fish farms.

Recycling and regenerating

Nylon fishing nets are regenerated together with other nylon waste by Aquafil into  ECONYL® yarn while the other types of plastics are also reused or recycled.

ECONYL® is a 100% regenerated high quality nylon fiber made from recovered fishing nets and other nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world. 

As for now, almost our whole swimwear collection is sustainable and made out of these high quality ECONYL® fabrics. Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible, always trying to find new ways to help the environment.

journey from waste to wear

Founded on the principles of circular economy, Healthy Seas champions the three pillars of sustainability and strives to make a positive and long-lasting impact to the marine environment, as well as the development of society, through education and awareness raising.

We are incredibly thankful for the amazing work of Healthy Seas and we are happy to be able to participate and support.

Please check out their website to learn more about the organization.

healthy seas

the sea needs your help

MAIN Design happily donates 1% of every online sale to Healthy Seas.

Do you also want make an impact and help our oceans? Every donation counts, no matter the amount. 


clean oceans

Our journey to sustainable surf and swimwear

our mission

In this day and age, nothing matters more than caring for our planet and those living on it. Our mission is to be as sustainable as possible, always improving and finding new ways to help our environment and the community.

our eco friendly collection

As for now, more than 95% of all our swimwear pieces are made out of recycled and sustainable fabrics. This includes our printed fabrics, our signature fabrics and even our inner linings.

For many years, we have been working with leading companies in this industry such as Aquafil and Unifi. The yarn and the resulting textiles we use are of high quality and identical to regular fabrics – the only difference is the sustainability.

Recycling and regenerating

The appetite for new products is infinite, the planets resources are not. Goods and products get thrown away. In many countries, most of them will end up in landfills, huge trash piles or in the ocean.

There is hope though, as the number of people who are committed to a cleaner world keep rising. Waste is recovered through an increasing number of projects. This is how polluting plastic and nylon waste is returned to the industry. For example, Aquafil will regenerate fishing nets and other nylon waste and process it into high-quality ECONYL® nylon yarn. Like this, new products can be created and bought without having to use new resources.

beach clean up MAIN mini

production and packaging

We work to minimise the negative impacts associated with manufacturing, producing our materials ethically. It is a priority to us to ensure that all people involved are treated fairly and respectfully along the way. 

Our products are shipped in preloved cardboard boxes or recycled paper mailers. We refuse using single plastic bags. Our pieces are shipped in a OEKO-TEX® certified cotton bag.

the impact

We believe that every choice we make has an impact, and every impact, big or small, creates waves. Every purchase prioritizes the health of our oceans. We want them to keep healthy. We proudly donate 1% of all our online sales to Healthy Seas. This wonderful organisation recovers abandoned fishing nets and other waste from the ocean. These are processed into the nylon yarn ECONYL®, out of which most of our swimwear is produced.

Wear your MAIN bikini with pride – you are doing something good for the environment. 

1600 meals for Corona victims

Thank you for your support

As you might have heard, we donated 30% of all November sales to SOS Indonesia to help Bali’s people in need.

Thanks to your orders and some additional donation from us, we were able to donate 1600 meals for Corona victims.

A big shout out and thank you for your support!


bali still needs your help

COVID-19 affects all of us. Unfortunately, we don’t know how long the situation will stay severe. People are currently facing several crises from homelessness to hunger. With millions of people having no food on a daily basis, SOS is taking action in order to help those in need. 

If you want to do something good, please help and support SOS Indonesia. As little as $5 can feed 25 people. Every cent counts.

To learn more about the project or to make a donation, please click on the following button. Thank you so much.

About SOS indonesia

SOS Scholars of Sustenance – is an International Non-Profit Organization with social and environmental projects in Thailand and Indonesia. Their goal is to create a world with positive food equity, giving access to valuable nutrition to the underprivileged and those who need it most.


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