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Every style is available in different colors. See the different color ways by clicking on the product.

The Salty Collection - designed with comfort in mind

Introducing The Salty Collection! Our newest swimwear line is inspired by our deep love for water and our passion for travel.

We’ve packed performance, style and comfort into our new swim and surf wear. All pieces are made of high quality, buttery soft fabrics, wich are durable and with an excellent sun protection rating of UPF50+.

The well-thought-out designs with minimal seams make this collection super comfortable to wear and flattering for every body type. The whole collection is made of recycled materials. With every online purchase, we donate 1% to Healthy Seas to help preserve our oceans.

Being in a bikini or swimsuit has never felt so good!

Mix and Match

Mix and match your tops and bottoms until you find the right pair(s). All of our pieces are sold separately. Explore and shop based on your style, color and size preferences. Check out our MAIN MINI Kids Collection for matching outfits with your little one. 

Bikini Patterns

The pieces may use the same pattern, but since they are different cut outs of preprinted fabric rolls, each piece is unique – LUCKY YOU!


All our products are designed and developed by MAIN Design and handmade with love in Bali. We carefully pick our suppliers and producers and choose each materials with the greatest intention and care. We do not support any child labour. Once a size is sold out, come back and check again, since we try to restock as much as possible.


All our pieces are made of recycled materials and of high quality and durability. They leave a soft and caressing feeling on your skin. Our line aims to hug your body in the right spots, adapting to every body shape.

We’re not here to just make fashion. We are here to make a change. All our pieces are made from recycled materials. helping to reduce landfill and ocean waste. We donate 1% of all online sales to Healthy Seas. Giving back to our oceans, any way we can. 

Day by day, with every decision, no matter how small, you can make changes towards sustainability. What you wear and what you carry are easy yet important steps towards a sustainable lifestyle.  

Plastic free is very important to us. All orders are packed in recyclable envelopes. The bikinis will not be wrapped in plastic. 

Care Instructions

Sun, sand, salt, sunscreen and chlorine are hard on your bikini. Make sure it gets the right care. Rinse with water after use. Dry in the breezy shade. Hand wash with love. Handle with care.


Here is a list that might help you finding the right size. If you need any further help, please don’t hestitate to contact us.

Surf Bikini Bottoms

Find your fit by browsing through our different bikini bottom styles. From cheeky, to medium coverage, high waisted or tieable on the side, we’ve got you covered. 

If you are looking for a bikini bottom with full coverage, you will love our Bliss bikini bottom. For medium coverage, the bottoms Keira, Dusk and Posh are the perfect fit. For a little less coverage, we recommend the bikini bottom Blush and Alice. If your goal is tanning your bum as much as possible, choose our bikini bottom Hannah. For the very active water sports like surfing, our bottoms Blush, Keira, Hannah and Jade are tieable on the side to even fit them tighter - they will stay on a hundred percent.

Bikini Bottoms for A Confident Water Adventure

Alright ladies, this article is for those who love to be out in the salty water, catching waves and being active, but who limit themselves because they are so nervous about their bikini bottoms malfunctioning. We have all been there. You are on the beach in your cute little string bikini, and hesitate to leave the shore because you are not entirely sure those bottoms will hold up their end of the bargain.

Though those style bikinis have their purpose, that purpose is not for us active women. It's time you invest in something that is much more resilient, comfortable and gives you the confidence to go all out without worry: surf bikini bottoms

Surf Bikini Bottoms by MAIN Design

First and foremost, we are extremely surfer enthusiasts here at MAIN Design. So, we know exactly what it is you need to really have a wonderful time out in the sun and have the peace of mind knowing that your bikini bottoms will stay put the entire time. We are also a sustainable clothing business, meaning every item we sell is sustainable and made out of recycled Econyl® or Repreve fabrics. These beautiful, soft and high quality fabrics are made out of recycled materials like ocean waste, plastic waste and plastic bottles. This, in and of itself, can make you feel better about what you are putting on your body and knowing that you are making a difference in the world.

With that in mind, our line consists of high quality, top functioning, and sassy styled surf bikini bottoms. Not only are our products made from people who understand the market and know precisely the gaps that needed to be filled, but they are also made to be the perfect fit for every woman looking to have a care-free water adventure. Another highlighted feature is that our bottoms are super diverse in colors, coverage, and styles. You can be as modest or as cheeky as you want and be assured that your suit is not going anywhere.

Why Function Matters When Learning to Surf

Before diving into this part, keep in mind that our bikini bottoms are not just for surfers. They are made for anyone, even the sunbathers, to wear to look good and feel secure at the same time. We believe everyone deserves to have that feeling of comfort, not just people who are active.

With that being said, let’s get back to functionality. Yes, you can surf in any bikinis, but be prepared to spend the entire time adjusting them and trying to keep them on the entire time. Think about it, you will hardly ever see a woman competing in water sports in a small bathing suit, especially if they are serious about the activity. This is because the functionality is much more critical than looks. In this sense, your goal is to catch those waves and perform well, not necessarily looking like a model doing it.

Now, that is not to say you cannot have the best of both worlds. For instance, we made sure that our line would attract both sides. We are saying that, for those who love to surf or want to learn how, functionality should take priority, unless you want to moon people.

Final Thoughts

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect bikini bottoms that are built for the task at hand. In fact, we tried hard to discover some hidden gems on the market that could meet all our needs. But this is what we always ended up finding:

- no function, and no appeal
- function, but not appealing
- appealing, but little to no function
- not comfortable to wear
- not sustainable and eco-friendly

Because of the reality that we couldn’t get our vision of the perfect bikini bottoms met, we decided to make our own line instead. This way, we can genuinely give women everything they need and not ever have to sacrifice any aspects again.

So, go ahead, shop around, and try out one of our surf bikini bottoms yourself. Take it for a test drive and put it through the most rigorous testing if you wish. We promise that no matter what sport or activity you will try out or the style you choose, your bottoms will be right where they are supposed to be the entire time.

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